House, by which Between Fences
and our story continue.

On the foothills of the second highest mountain of Beskydy, under the peak of Knehyne,
the log house has come alive. Thanks to meetings. With the guests of our first house Between Fences,
with carpenters, that we have met, when they were restoring the eventful Libusin in the nearby Pustevny,
with the place between meadows. House for escape and comeback, at least for a few days.


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We have found the log house accidentally, or it has found us. We have saved it,
as well as we saved our vision.
About architecture as sensitivity,
which is caught in the house.


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On every place you will find yourself in a different time.In the time of wood, stone, sheep wool and linen.In the time, which you can touch and which smells and tastes that good, that you get goosebumps.

and between..

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And in the meantime, we have met people here - craftsmen with deep eyes and strong hands. They are those that have been here hundreds of days, to make sure that old house stays here forever.

mezi plutky

Mezi lukami ~ boutique place

Slow Escapes/ gestalten - September 2022 NEW

Slow Escapes/ gestalten - September 2022 NEWarrow icon


Grand Prix Architects 2022/ Community of architects

we have award for reconstruction:)


the story about Mezi lukami..

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mezi plutky

If you take away the past of a place,
you take away its future too.

Between meadows is a story about restoration of a historical log house and us ourselves.
Between meadows is a project about respect. Towards traditional artisan processes,
towards materials, towards human skillfulness, towards place. The renovation has created a scenery,
where the visitors are surprised - by the simplicity, synchronicity, details. Where each moment, in each corner, matters. It is about carved beams, connected by wooden pegs, with sheep fleece in between, about hand chipped larch shingles, about floors from hundreds years old stone, about current furniture,
about music, smell, touched and tastes. And the sixth sense, which is the desire for beauty.

Mezi lukami ~ boutique place

Where we are


Čeladná 266
739 12, Čeladná
Česká Republika
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Daniela Hradilová
+420 606 924 232