Mezi lukami ~ boutique place


“Beskydy are the only mountains in the republic, which do not lie on the borders and have not befell the fate
of other Czech mountains, that is the displacement of German population after the second world war.
Quite the contrary. The life has gone on and new generations have followed up on the previous ones.
They keep being the live mountains.” /Dolce Vita

Moravian Silesian Beskydy lies in the most eastern part of Czech Republic. Nearly all of its territory
is covered by the Landscape park of Beskydy, as the biggest protected territory of the country. You may find here the original forest-like vegetation, mountain meadows with rare Carpathian plant sand animals,
as well as unique pseudo-karst phenomenons. Between fences is the starting point
of discovering nearby nature reserves, as well as cultural and historical coherency of our region.


Every morning, we will bring you a basket with breakfast to the doorsteps -fresh bread and pastry or cakes, milk and butter and sheep cheese, pate and ham, all from the shop in Celadna.
In the kitchen you will find our homemade honey and jams, granola, Nespresso coffee and tea. As well as we have prepared wine into the cellar.


Between Meadows lies just a few minutes by walk from our hotel Between Fences, whose all services you may use. Natural swimming pond. Terraces and winter garden and summer living room.You can come for breakfast and reserve a table for dinner. Or just stop by for a cup of coffee.


It is possible to rent the house Between Meadows
for photo shooting.You may send your request to

A person does not do that to gain something,
but to not loose something.

Daniela & Petr Hradilovi

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Mezi lukami ~ boutique place