The bulding is a renovation of a wooden log house from the year 1880 into the place “Between Meadows”.
A traditional house on original stone foundations with preserved cellar and cow house was reconstructed using local fir wood, manually carved from the outside, scratched from the inside, connected by wooden pegs
and modified by natural oils. The men from the company Teslice, which focuses on wooden folk buildings
and landmarks, has worked on it - their most famous realisations include renovation of the cosy Libusin
in nearby Pustevny from the architect Dusan Jurkovic.The missing part of the cow house was refilled by stones from surrounding areas, which continue in the original cellar, on stone retaining walls and in the driveway.
There are old used granite tiles set on the interior floors and exterior terraces. You will find natural materials
in the purest form here. The floors in the bedrooms are from hundreds years old butcher’s counters.
The inside of the house grows through the walls, it does not end with the house, but with the horizon.
The place has grown into the landscape, it is Between meadows.
Daniela & Petr Hradil 2021/ foto Boys Play Nice 2020

Mezi lukami ~ boutique place